Do you work in a windows dominant environment? Are your network drives packed with Windows Shortcuts that point to directories and documents? Are you tired of starting a windows machine just to change your windows domain password? Do you want to copy path names to an email? Here is the answer: WinShortcutter!

WinShortcutter is a collection of small and useful utilities that are primarily focused at people working in a windows dominant office environment with a weak Mac support.

The latest release is for Mountain Lion only. Please use one of the earlier versions when using and older version of MacOS X (see downloads on the right side).


Easy to Use
WinShortcutter comes with a proper installer and works right out of the box.


  • Check out the new Browser Extensions: On web pages containing links to local files or shared file ("file://"), clicking the link will open it via WinShortcutter's Windows Link function. Please note that you will first have to install the extension in WinShortcutter's System Preferences.
  • Works with Mountain Lion: Code is signed and works with Gatekeeper setting "Mac App Store and identified developers"
  • New Quicklook feature: Quicklook will show, where the Shortcut points to!
  • Enhanced Mapping feature with arbitrary path. See Description below for a detailed explanation
  • Clicking on a windows style shortcut (.lnk File) will follow the link. If the shortcut points to a folder, a new finder window will be opened, if the shortcut points to a file, the file will be loaded with the default application for the file. If the shortcut points to a file on the network, the corresponding drive will automatically be mounted, if needed.
  • WinShortcutter Services and context menus (compatible with Snow Leopard and up):
    • You can open a textual link sent to you by a windows user by using the service or context menu.
    • The finder context menu has a menu item to copy filename paths into the clipboard. You can then
    • paste the text into an email. If the mapping paths is enabled, WinShortcutter will now also do a reverse mapping.
    • Note that you will have to enable the Service in the preferences.
  • Windows Domain Passwords can be changed using the WinShortcutter System Preferences.
  • Path Copy can also produce Paths with backslashes (\) for windows! This behavior is configurable in the System Preferences
  • Support for CIFS drives.
  • Alias can be generated with Command double-click, without activating in the System Preferences

What's New in Version 3.5?

  • Added Support for Mountain Lion. Code is signed and works with Gatekeeper setting "Mac App Store and identified developers"
  • Added new Menu Option "Copy URL to Clipboard"
  • Added possibility to open links directly in the Web Browser (Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome) by left click
  • Improved installer which enforces Log Out after installation

What's New in Version 3.2?

  • Support for MacOS Lion
  • Support for other character code sets (e.g. Greek)
  • Improved path detection (file URLs now work with an arbitrary number of slashes)
  • Various bugfixes (please read included Readme file for details)

What's New in Version 2.3.1?

  • Fixed a bug in copying paths, when mount points contained spaces
  • Fixed a problem, where WinShortcutter could enter an infinite loop in very rare cases
  • Support for DFS (AdmitMAC and DAVE)
  • The context menu in the finder now does not display the full path anymore, just a generic "Copy Path to Clipboard"

WinShortcutter is Freeware
WinShortcutter is free. Your support is still gratefully appreciated. Donations will solely be invested into further cool Lobotomo software.

Supported Platforms:
Intel only, Mac OS X 10.8 or higher (earlier versions available for older versions of MacOS X)

Many thanks to Nathan Day for providing NDAlias for use in WinShortcutter.


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