Remember the days when computer displayed only characters, green on black? That's also the time when the first Multi User Dungeons were created, not so long ago incarnated as online chats in the modern Internet.

Surprisingly, these ancient arenas of computer aided communication and game place still flourish nowadays, despite the fancy graphics and animations of modern web technology.
Nuntius is a client software that brings you right in there and connects yout to the most popular MUDs worldwide.

Nuntius features a wide variety of features of modern MUD clients, including ANSI control sequences, triggers, text capturing, full customization of colors and behaviour and even audio speech output of what's been talked on the MUD. All of this you'll get in a convenient MacOS X Aqua interface.

Nuntius is Shareware
Nuntius costs $10 and of course you get lifetime support and updates included.

System Requirements
Nuntius requires MacOS X 10.2 or 10.3

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